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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am officially the "Future Mrs. Higgins"

Yesterday was nothing less than perfect! It was about 76 degree's outside with the sun shining bright - no clouds in the sky. DS was at school for the day so it was just be and my (now) FH (!!!) at home. I have been giving him crap about us getting married for 6 months now...let me give you our history...

Future Mr. & Mrs. Higgins

We have been dating for 3 1/2 glorious years and living together for 1 year and 6 months, at the beginning of this year I was asking about us getting married as anyone lady wants to know. He made the promise to me that I would have my ring THIS YEAR - my mind instantly started dreaming about wedding dresses, flower bouquets and of course, the bachelorette party! Ever since he promised me my ring I have been asking weekly when I was going to get it. Yesterday was no different!

I was messing with him saying that after lunch we would get dressed, go buy my ring, and then go buy his new MacBook that he has wanted for a few weeks now and we would BOTH be happy campers. I heard him walking upstairs and I'm thinking "Oh lord, whats he going to tell me now?" and I see a ring box in his hand. He hands it to, tells me if I would just be PATIENT and let things happen I would have my ring soon enough - I opened up the box - and it was a GORGEOUS diamond ring. He looked at me and asked if I would marry him, I of course said "YES!" and with tears rolling down my face, I put it on. Beautiful fit and I couldnt have asked for a more perfect ring or future husband.

I gave him a huge hug, and the most perfect piece of the day was feeling his heart beat 90-to-nothing. Shows that even if he knew I would say Yes, he was still nervous/excited to ask me. Perfect ending to a Perfect day!

My Engagement Ring

So now I have started this blog to help me keep all my wedding planning ideas in one place and to meet other bride's to help with advice, ideas, and stress relivers!


Sheila said...

Aww how sweet!
My story is simimlar to yours. We have been "together" for almost 8 years now - living together the past 2 years, as well as we have a 4 year old son! So - i've been STRONGLY hinting the wedding thing! LOL!
Now it's just setting a date and getting things in order! I'm looking at April 22, 2011!
I want to "make" most of our things too - and I will be sharing this on my blog as well! Hopefully we can get some great ideas from each other!
The difference may be - I want a SMALL SMALL wedding! I want less than 50 people there - which is SO hard to pick and choose! LOL!
Congrats - your ring is beautiful!!!

GBR1980 said...

What a gorgeous ring!! Lucky lady!

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