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Friday, October 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal: Day 2 - Favorite Movie

Movies have always been a large part of my life - I am a VIP member at my local theater - I always watch movies on opening night (sometimes more if I really like it) and I own over 350 DVDs! I also have a subscription to NetFlix and Best Buy Cinema! I really, really like my movies!

It's going to be really hard to narrow it down to just 1 movie...

No matter all the great & wonderful pieces of cinema history I have seen and LOVE, I always fall back on one film, the one that I always put in if I am bored, lonely, or just wanting a good laugh...

Dazed & Confused - a total stoner film, but I can't help, I love this movie! The cars, music, and storyline - epic! :)


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